4 Ways Rodents Can Ruin Your Hotel’s Reputation

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Hotels are hot spots for rodent infestations. Since they are always swarming with food, it makes them a great vacation spot for rodents. A rat and mouse infestation can cause irreparable damage to your hotel’s reputation in these ways:

1. Damage to Your Hotel’s Property

Your pristine hotel might be in danger of taking a financial plunge if there is a rat or mouse infestation.

These pests tend to chew on the wiring and cables. Electrical appliance failures and short circuits are common in the case of rodent infestations. This is because these pests tend to chew on the wiring and cables.

Gnaw marks on your hotel’s furniture, grease markings across the hotel walls because of these pests will also mean keeping your building contractor on a regular payroll.

2. Can Contaminate the Hotel’s Food Resources

Once the rat and mouse infestation has reached your hotel’s pantry, it’s time to call the rat exterminator!

A large amount of food in a hotel pantry can be a colossal rodent magnet. The financial loss of replacing food after the rodent infestation can be major.

Rodent droppings, rodent saliva in the food and water may put your employees and guests at risk of contracting diseases.

3. Can Put Your Hotel in a Financial Loss

A mouse infestation means that your hotel may fail to tick any checkboxes on the health inspectors list. This might spell doom for your hotel’s reputation. A bad health inspection score might mean that your hotel might get shut down — spelling an impending financial downfall.

Plus, it’s a whole different ball game to take into account the repairing cost for the damage to the wiring, cables, and hotel furniture.

4. Can Cause a Disease Infestation

Here’s how diseases associated with rodents spread:

  • Rodent bites or scratches
  • Exposure to rodent saliva through infected food
  • Exposure to rodent parasites (through lice or fleas)
  • Exposure to rodent urine or droppings

These pests can cause dangerous, and life-threatening diseases like salmonellosis, bubonic plague, tularemia, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and rotavirus.

Rat droppings, dander, and shed hair are also potential sources of allergens. They can cause people to experience allergic reactions to them.

That’s why it is imperative to call a professional rodent exterminator at your hotel to make sure that there are no rats or mice on your commercial hospitality property.

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