Residential Rodent Control Services

Stop dealing with unwanted property damage, contamination, diseases and those squeaky sounds at night when you are trying to sleep. At Take Care Termite & Pest Control located in Tracy, CA, we offer the best rodent control services that will take care of your rodent problems fast and with the most effective solution that is specially designed to cater to individual needs of the residents of Tri-Valley, Central Valley and the surrounding areas.




We have effective rodent control options to address infestations in and around your home to tackle issues that you can face with rodents like mice, rats, gophers, etc. Our rodent control options are listed below:


    Different types of repellent materials are used to prevent rodent invasions, depending on their nature.


    Traps are non-toxic yet highly effective rodent removal devices available in a wide variety to suit diverse client needs.


    Caulking, door sweeps, and other insulation products are used to seal off any holes, gaps and entry points through which the rodents get inside your homes.


    Customers are provided with detailed sanitation dos and don’ts for maintaining clean and hygienic homes and surroundings, which prevent the harborage of rodents.


  • Efficiently eliminates the risk of diseases carried by rats, mice, and gophers
  • Prevents food poisoning resulting from rodent contamination
  • Averts any kind of damage to your house and valuables caused by the chewing of rodents



Our rodent infestation treatment plan is based on a carefully designed approach as described below:

  • Trained technicians inspect the infected area in or around the home, to assess the nature of rodent infestation.
  • They then recommend effective rodent control options to correct common access points and attraction sources that are leading to infestations. You are also given an estimate of the recommended rodent control treatments and devices needed to maintain a rodent-free home.
  • Technicians will then implement the rodent control options as per your request.


When it comes to handling any type of rodent infestation, you can trust us because our services are backed by:

  • 1


    • Our extensive experience reflects in our effective solutions which are designed to tackle every infestation in a prefect manner the first time we visit.
    • We provide personalized solutions that last and our team takes extra effort to provide high quality and cost-effective services every single time.
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    • Our expert technicians are trained to not only remove your existing rodent problems but also to eliminate the possibility of future infestations.
    • Locally owned and long-established since 1993, we have successfully served hundreds of homes throughout the Central Valley, Tri-Valley, and surrounding areas.
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    • Our services incorporate the latest in technology and our technicians use eco-friendly tools and techniques.
    • Our highly skilled technicians can accurately identify and solve all pest related problems in the most efficient and timely manner.

For customized and cost-effective rodent control services in Tracy, Tri-Valley, Central Valley and surrounding areas, call us today at (209) 832-7300