Residential Termite Inspection

Throughout the state of California, there are widespread colonies of dry wood termites, powder post beetles and subterranean termites that have the potential to turn any structure into a heap of termite trash. Prevent termites and powder post beetles from destroying your load-bearing walls and damaging the beams that support your home with an annual termite inspection that offers several benefits to homeowners including peace of mind. Our termite inspection service can help you protect your home from structural damage and save thousands of dollars in repairs and restorations.


  • Early termite inspections can help homeowners save substantial repair costs in the long haul
  • Prevent the potential of extensive damage that cannot be repaired
  • Timely inspections assess the conditions that leave your property vulnerable to termites and minimize the risk of attack
  • If you are purchasing a property, a thorough termite inspection can save you from investing in a money pit
  • If you are selling a property, an inspection can help you fix the termite damage on time and prevent the infestation from adversely affecting the resale value of your property
  • Subterranean Termite Swarmers and Soldiers

  • Drywood Termite Pellets

  • Powder Post Beetle Damage

  • Termite Inspection


Whether you have just started paying for your home or have paid on it for years, protect the most valuable investment of your life with our comprehensive termite inspection service that starts with the scheduling of an inspection with our trained and licensed termite inspectors. Once the inspection is scheduled, we follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Pre Inspection

    Contact our office to set up a date and time to do the inspection. The office will inform you on how to prepare your home (structure) for the inspection. For example, move storage away from the interior garage walls, off of the subarea access panel, under the attic access and from under all sinks. This will allow the inspector access to all areas of possible termite infestations, leaks or damages.

  • The Inspection

    The inspector will first meet with you to go over any questions or any concerns you may have. The inspector will then go around the exterior of the home (structure) and sketch out a diagram. Next using a probing device the inspector will poke at any wood members that are accessible to check them for signs of termites and termite damage, fungus or water damage. The inspector will also look for conditions that could lead to damage or infestations. For example, wood in direct contact with soil, gaps in siding or trim boards, leaks or water draining against the house.

    The inspector will then go through the entire interior of the home (structure), checking along the window sills, baseboards and under all sinks, looking for signs of infestations, leaks or damages. The attic will be viewed from the access opening for signs of damage or infestations. If the home (structure) is on a raised foundation the inspector will then crawl under the house (structure) looking for signs of wood destroying pests, subterranean termite mud tubes, drywood termite pellets, frass from powder post beetles, as well as fungus growth, plumbing leaks or damages caused by any of these. The inspector will then review the findings and recommendations with you before leaving.

  • Post Inspection

    A detailed written report with a diagram showing the locations of findings and their recommendations as well as cost estimates will be provided. A separate file will include photos of most findings. An e-mail with both reports will be sent to you within 1-2 business days. (This is our normal turnaround time. Special circumstances may prevent this time line.) Reports can also be sent by traditional mail if desired.



The VA Home Loan program may require a termite inspection. Since California homes have a high probability of termite infestation or wood destroying organism damage it may be necessary for any veteran who seeks a VA loan to get a termite inspection and certification clearance. At Take Care Termite & Pest Control, we use the latest technology and best industry practices to meet termite inspection requirements for VA loans.


Protect your property and avoid expenses of potential damage with a thorough termite inspection.

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We provide rapid and reliable termite inspections that help you detect an infestation and prevent unwanted damage later. When it comes to defending your home against termites, we have you covered with our:



    • Our termite inspections are performed by experienced and licensed termite inspectors who are always updated with the best industry practices and procedures.
    • Our technicians do not employ a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to termite inspections. Their plan of action is based on your location, surroundings, construction, and the degree of infestation for an accurate diagnosis.

    • All our termite inspectors are trained and certified to accurately determine if a house is infested with termites or have conducive conditions that could lead to damage or infestation.
    • Our termite inspectors receive extensive training in identifying and treating all local termite species efficiently.

    • We have the latest technology to give you peace of mind that your home is protected against the threat of termites for long-term.
    • Depending on your specific situation, our inspectors use their local knowledge and advanced devices for a comprehensive inspection of your home, inside-out.

Whether you are applying for a VA loan, finalizing a real-estate purchase or planning to sell your home, a termite inspection will help you prevent unnecessary hassles later. To request an accurate termite inspection report, anywhere in Tracy, Tri-Valley, Central Valley and surrounding areas, call us at (209) 832-7300