Residential Pest Control Services

Pests like spiders, wasps, gophers, ants, cockroaches, and rodents can carry various diseases and may be harmful to you and your family’s health. They can also cause considerable damage to property which might not always be covered by insurance. If you are dealing with a pest problem in Tracy or any of the Tri-Valley and Central Valley towns in California, Take Care Termite & Pest Control has you covered.


We implement a customized pest management program that uses a combination of tools and techniques to identify, control and prevent pest problems. Our technicians monitor your property for pest activity and accordingly establish their treatment guidelines and threshold levels. Their first line of defense includes the use of non-chemical treatments that make the habitat less conducive to the growth of pests. This is followed by improving sanitation and employing physical and mechanical controls. After careful monitoring and only if necessary, do we use effective pesticides which are proven to pose the least possible risk to people, property and the environment.


We have green and organic products and solutions available to treat and tackle various pest problems. If you are facing pest problems and want to prevent them from damaging your health and property, our 3-step process for comprehensive pest control will definitely help you.

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    On the first visit, our skilled and trained technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your property. From cracks and crevices to entry points and leaks, every high-risk area in and around your property is meticulously examined to identify infestations. This entire process takes about 30-60 minutes. At the end of our inspection; you will receive recommendations to correct all possible conducive conditions like gaps, holes, moisture, and vegetation that promote pest infestation. Our technicians will also recommend treatments to control the areas where pests can enter your property.

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    Our expert team will install accurate detecting and monitoring devices in high-risk areas to ensure that no pests go unidentified & untreated. We work with the best devices and techniques to eliminate the root cause of the problem and prevent re-infestations. You will also receive a service ticket detailing all the work done and suggestions for what else should be done to correct or prevent future pest problems.

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    A Year-Round Remediation

    We schedule regular services throughout the year to prevent pests from re-visiting your home. During the scheduled service, our team will check the efficacy of previous treatments and if suspicious pest activity is identified in the process, it will be further inspected. You will receive a call prior to your next scheduled visit to ask about any pest issues you are seeing and confirm your appointment. Every procedure is documented to make sure we keep you protected through winter, spring, summer and fall.

Our service aims for 100% customer satisfaction and long-term protection from pests which is why we stay updated with the latest techniques and employ the best pest control practices prevalent in Tracy, CA and the entire Tri-Valley and Central Valley area.


Every single customer that we see in a day receives incomparable service with no exceptions because we have you covered with our Expertise, Training and Technology.


    • Take Care Termite is licensed, bonded, and insured and all our pest and termite control treatments are backed by vast experience and in-depth knowledge.
    • Our pest treatment plans are highly customized and cost-effective catering to your individual needs.
    • Our services are driven by honesty, integrity, and quality.

    • Our technicians are extensively trained, highly qualified and they take pride in their job and the company they work for.
    • Our services are planned to ensure the health and safety of our clients and the trainings and techniques that we employ are in tandem with that.

    • We use the latest devices and techniques to tackle your pest problems so you can rest assured knowing your problem has been handled right, the first time.
    • We stay updated with the best industry practices and new developments in devices and technology for pest control.

To keep out pests and prevent re-infestations, schedule an appointment with us today! Call (209) 832-7300. We offer pest control services throughout Tracy, Central Valley, Tri-Valley, and surrounding areas.