Residential Bird Control & Removal Services

The bird species that most often trouble the residents of Tracy and other towns in the Tri-Valley and the Central Valley regions of California are pigeons, starlings, woodpeckers, and house sparrows. When they start roosting, nesting and feeding on agricultural produce, it becomes necessary to get rid of them because their droppings and mite-infested nesting sites can pose health hazards in addition to inviting unnecessary cleaning and repair costs. At Take Care Termite & Pest Control, we offer effective and efficient bird control and removal solutions to keep birds from damaging your exteriors and creating unsanitary conditions.


  • With bird control you can enjoy cleaner, safer and peaceful surroundings
  • Avoid the damage caused to building materials by acidic bird droppings
  • Prevent birds from nesting near electrical equipment and avoid fire hazards

bird control service by Take Care Termite in Tracy


Bird control requires a combination of different devices and techniques depending on your unique needs. Our customized bird exclusion and removal treatments include the following options in addition to cleanup and sanitization treatments:


    Specially designed nets are put up at the entry points to prevent birds from entering. This is a hassle-free method.


    Spikes are used as an effective method to deter birds in narrow areas like ledges. Spikes are also preferred for open and wide spaces such as intersecting roofs.


    This method gives instant and lasting results because once pigeons come in contact with these shock strips they will not roost in this area.


We have designed an integrated pest management approach that successfully addresses all your bird problems in the following manner:

  • 1
    • Our technicians inspect and assess the bird situation on your property and accordingly recommend humane solutions to prevent birds from nesting in any areas of your home.
    • You also get an estimate of bio-remediation treatments for bird droppings and installation of materials to deter birds.
    • Technicians then make the required modifications to discourage birds from nesting and install efficient bird exclusion devices as requested by you.


Our expert technicians have successfully bird-proofed hundreds of homes using the most effective exclusion methods and humane products. We aim not just for customer satisfaction, but for customer delight and so our services come with multiple benefits which include:


    • With more than two decades of experience in bird control, we design solutions which handle your problem right, the first time.
    • We have worked with all the different situations where homeowners are troubled with different problems and are able to provide precise treatments for multiple bird species.
  • TEAM

    • We have a highly committed team comprised of well-qualified and extensively trained technicians specializing in bird problems.
    • All of our team members take great pride in their profession and are dedicated to the company’s goal of offering nothing but the best.

    • While effective bird and other pest control is our primary aim, we always work with environment conservation in mind. Hence, we offer ‘green’ products.
    • All of our services are regularly updated to incorporate the latest in technology and devices and our technicians offer only the best possible bird control solutions to our customers.

To prevent birds from creating a nuisance in your life and home, call us at (209) 832-7300 for reliable and effective bird exclusion services anywhere in the Tracy, Tri-Valley and Central Valley areas.

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