What Diseases do Rats Carry


During the cooler months, a few rodents may make their way into your home. And they can stir up a riot – rats chew up wires, nibble at your food, and eat up your furniture. But that’s not all, they carry diseases and pose a number of health risks.

Every year millions of homes are invaded by rats and rodents. They not only cause damage to property but also are responsible for carrying and spreading various diseases.  This is why rodent removal is important, and the sooner you have rodent control in place, the better it is for you and your family. Listed here are some common diseases which are associated with rodents.

Let’s have a look at the underlying threats rodents pose:

  • Salmonellosis It a bacterial infection caused by Salmonella bacteria. The bacteria can be found in the feces of the rodents. When food or water contaminated with rodent’s feces is consumed, Salmonellosis sets in. Some of the symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and abdominal cramps. The infection spreads from your intestines all the way through to the lymphatic system. If you want to keep your family safe, you need to prevent rodent infestation. For that, you may need to contact a pest control professional or a rodent exterminator.
  • Bubonic Plague You may have heard of the Black Death. It was the greatest catastrophe ever. Apparently, the Black Death was the Bubonic plague caused by Yersinia Pestis, a bacteria that resides in rat fleas. The disease was supposedly transmitted from rodents to humans through infected flea bites. The symptoms include fever, vomiting, and headaches. There may be swollen or painful lymph nodes in the area closest to where the bacteria entered the human system.
  • Tularemia Another name for Tularemia is Rabbit Fever or Deer Fly Fever. It is caused by the bacterium Frencisella tularensis, which infects rodents. The disease is then be passed to humans through skin contact or by inhaling the bacteria. The symptoms include skin ulcers, fever, chills, fatigue, and severe headaches.
  • Hantavirus Rodents are the main virus reservoir and a source of human infection. Hantavirus is transmitted from rodents to humans through inhalation of aerosolized rodent’s excreta. You can get exposed to Hantavirus while cleaning rodent dead bodies, rodent droppings, nests, and urine. The symptoms include cough, fever, headache, lethargy, and muscle pain.
  • Rat-Bite Fever An infected rat’s bite or a scratch can cause rat-bite fever. Rat bites transfer Spirillum minus or Streptobacillus bacteria into humans and create serious complications that include heart, brain and lung infection. The symptoms include high fevers with chills, headaches, and joint pains.

Wondering “Is there a rodent control near me?”

If you spot a rodent in your home, there may be a possibility that many of them have sneaked in to make your house their home. The best is to get rid of them. A professional can do the job effectively.

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