Commercial Pest Control Services


At Take Care Termite & Pest Control, we have a long history of satisfied customers in every sector with our proven pest control solutions. You can count on our effective pest control treatments and solutions to protect your people, reputation and premises against pests, termites, rodents and birds. Our licensed technicians are trained in using advanced tools and techniques for pest control treatments of cockroaches, rodents, flies, bugs, ants and termites.


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    Cockroach Control

    We have the materials, special equipment and cockroach control know-how needed to find roaches and get rid of them. Our technicians use a variety of tools and techniques to raid every crevice and crack in your equipment, false ceilings, vents, sewers, drain pipes and wall voids. They adopt a fully integrated approach to determine where cockroaches are coming from, remove them from all accessible areas, and treat infested areas using monitors, topical sprays and bait.
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    Rodent Control

    Our rodent control plan is customized to suit your property’s specific needs. Our team starts with a thorough inspection of your property to identify potential entry points like holes, cracks and gaps. These entry points are sealed with wire mesh, filler materials, foam insulation, door sweeps and/or caulking. To help you maintain a rodent free facility, our technicians also provide easy-to-follow sanitation guidelines. Follow-up visits will be scheduled to monitor traps, bait stations and any activity to ensure full eradication of the rodent population.
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    Bird Control

    We offer customized bird control services that include spikes, shock devices, wire barriers, mechanical traps, netting and other products that prevent birds from roosting and nesting on your property and spreading diseases. We use a combination of counter measures that include an assessment of the bird situation, recommendations to humanely deter the birds and an estimate to remediate the bird droppings. Our technicians install products and materials as requested by customers to correct the situation.
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    Fly Control

    We have advanced and comprehensive fly control solutions that efficiently keep flies from living and thriving in your premises. To keep these unwanted invaders away we use control products in drains and efficient trapping tools at entry points. We also use aesthetic light traps that can be mounted on the walls and ceilings along with caulking and weather stripping to make your establishment a no-fly zone.
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    Bed Bug Treatment

    Protect your property and your guests from these difficult-to-detect bugs with our efficient bed bug treatment solutions that combine powerful conventional procedures such as intense heat, chemical applications and fumigation to eliminate bugs from hard-to-reach areas and prevent further breeding. Our trained specialists inspect every hot spot in and around your property to identify signs of bed bugs, implement powerful removal treatments and recommend the best course of action to keep them away in future.
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    Ant Control

    Dealing with persistent ant infestations can be a real drag for any enterprise because different ant species need different treatments. That is why first we listen to your needs and accordingly customize our ant control service. Before making any attempts to get rid of ants, our team identifies the ant species, their nesting sites, migration paths, entry points and attraction sources. The ants are then traced back to their colonies and depending on the level of infestation, low-impact yet highly effective ant control treatments and targeted applications are employed to eliminate their colonies and prevent future breeding.
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    Termite Control Service & Repair Work

    Keep your premises free from termite infestations with our proven fumigation treatment that can eliminate termites even behind walls. Our subterranean termite treatments are done with non-repellent products that termites take back to the nest and spread to the rest of the colony to eliminate them. We also have a trained and skilled repair crew that is well equipped to make repairs and corrections to your property and restore its former state or make it look even better!


Take Care Termite & Pest Control is committed to solving all your commercial pest problems with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Our technicians are well versed at dealing with pest problems in different industries. We use an integrated pest management approach that entails a comprehensive 3-step process which includes:

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    Our technicians perform a comprehensive inspection of your property to identify the signs of pest activity, their entry points and sources of attraction.
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    We implement a tailor-made pest control plan that efficiently eliminates pests using latest tools and techniques. To help you maintain a clean and pest free facility, our technicians also recommend effective sanitation measures where necessary.
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    Follow-up visits are scheduled for monitoring the efficiency of the pest control treatment and performing remedial repairs if needed. If any pest activity is encountered during a follow-up visit, preventive measures are taken to completely eliminate their infestation.


Regardless of the size and nature of your business, we have every facet of your facility covered with our customized pest control treatments that efficiently address all your concerns.

  • Strip Malls
  • Banks
  • Fire Stations
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing

Schedule an inspection for incomparable service that ensures lasting protection from hazardous pests. Call (209) 832-7300 to keep your business pest-free! We serve commercial facilities throughout Tracy, Central Valley and Tri-Valley.

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