Spring Pest Control – Here’s How You Can Make Spring 2018 Pest Free!

Spring time Pest Control

Its nature’s time to burst back to life. Other than birds chirping and flowers blossoming spring is an inviting season for pests as well. As spring approaches, it gets warmer, making it a boon for many species of pests that are in and around your area. The temperature is a perk as it allows them to come out of their hiding and start looking for new homes and shelter. Pest like termites, cockroaches, ants, spiders, bugs, and rodents are found thriving during this time of the year. Spring is said to be the best time of the year to deal with pests as they are at their weakest. Protecting your property from intruders every season can be a tedious job, but it can be simplified if you plan and prepare in advance of spring with the help of residential pest control services Tracy, CA.

Here are 5 tips you can follow to enjoy a pest-free season:


  1. Do a Seasonal Inspection and Check for Potential Entries

The first step to pest prevention is knowing what to look for. The springtime pest mostly belongs to the six-legged species like ants, flies, bees, ticks, mosquitos, and termites. Make sure your courtyard, terrace or patio do not have anything which could invite pests and give them a hospitable condition to breed. Trim the trees and bushes near your homes, cut the grass as it prevents easy access to potential intruders. It is very crucial that you make sure to remove standing water from your property as it can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and spread diseases. Tip over bowls, pots, and vessels which have collected water during winter and fill the wet soil with dirt.

2. Declutter Storage Areas

Cardboards as storage in basement or attics can be very welcoming for pests to build their homes. Rodents and other pests are very efficient in building homes among your stored items. Pay close attention to piles of clothes and rugs as they are common hideouts for pests. It is mandatory to go through your storage as pests enjoy the warmth of enclosed spaces and a cluttered room can be a paradise for many critters. Open containers and boxes of goodies will lure hungry pests like ants, moths and beetles, go through your cabinets to see if there are open or expired cans of food.

3. Try a Dehumidifier

Even a small pool of water and a leaking pipe can provide enough water to attract springtime pests. Repair leaks, get rid of standing water, keep gutters and spouts, clean and clear and trim tall grasses as moisture makes it very easy for pests to increase in number. Pests like centipedes, silverfish, and moths thrive in humid conditions. Basements can become very damp in warmer months. It is wise to get a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture.

4. Consider Power Washing Your House

Getting your walls a fresh coat of paint does not necessarily mean you have gotten rid of the dirt, but power washing is an effective way of removing paint flaking from the walls and leaves a clean surface primed for new paint. It not only spruces up the overall look of the house, but the high-velocity sprays and detergents also gets rid of the grime and soot hidden in the crevices of walls inviting pests to build homes.

5. Extensive Cleaning of Kitchen

You can greatly reduce pest problems if you keep your kitchen squeaky clean. Keep your sink clear of dirty dishes and your kitchen counter free of free. Make sure you sweep the floor to remove the crumbs and food spilt during meal prep. It is important to take the trash out regularly and keep the trash container tightly sealed. Kitchens tend to attract a lot of pests because it provides all the favorable conditions a pest needs; food, warmth, moisture and shelter. It is a must to deep clean your kitchen so that you maintain a pest free environment.

There’s always a chance of your house getting infested despite all your efforts to keep your house pest-free. It is always sensible to contact a professional pest control service to take care of your problem before it turns into a full blown-infestation. Call us today at (209) 832-7300 here to get an inspection today and rest assured as our residential pest control services in Tracy, CA has you covered this spring and always.

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