2018 is Here! It’s Time for a Termite Inspection!

Termite Inspection

Proper timing is everything when it comes to keeping termite infestations at bay. A new year is beginning so what better time to ensure that your property is safeguarded against termite damage?

If given the chance, termites are one of the most destructive wood pests and can damage your property within a short period of time. It’s great if you work to ensure that your home is always termite treated and that the termite barriers are always in place but it won’t guarantee that your home is impervious to termite infestations and damage it’s important that you have to keep on having regular home termite inspections done to keep infestations at bay.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get a termite inspection done:

1. Termites are Active All Year Round

Termites are always working and tend to become more active in the spring as the temperatures rise. This means that you should get your home termite inspection completed at this time of the year.
The worker termites are the backbone of the colonies and are always foraging for cellulose all year round which your home is constructed of such as some materials which may already be responsible for feeding the rest of the colony. Don’t wait till the termite colonies start foraging for cellulose and come looking for it on your property and destroy the structural timbers, architraves, floors and any other wooden structures in your home.

2. Termites Devalue Your Property

Termites don’t sit well with buyers if you are planning on selling your home which is why it is best to have a proper home termite inspection done as this will help you get your asking price and maintain the value of your property.

3. Prevents Damage to Your Property

If left undetected and to their ways, termites can remain undetected till the damage to your property becomes irreparable and irreversible. Termites are a very shy and secretive species by nature and will generally go through the centre of any piece of wood and leave the surface unblemished even though there will be a network of tunnels below the surface. Having regular termite inspections done will prevent termites from causing any further damage to your property.

4. Keeps Your Home Termite Free

Delaying or not having a home termite inspection done just because you have had it done in the previous year will not ensure that your home will remain termite free as termites are an invasive species by nature and will venture out to set up new colonies. This invasive sense of setting up colonies is bad news for your home as termites are very relentless, reproduce very quickly and need more sources of cellulose with this rapid expansion.

Scheduling a regular termite inspection at fixed times will help you find out if you have any infestations and can take the necessary precautions before too much damage is caused. This will also help you determine if your property may be attacked in future and take the required preventative steps to prevent any termite attacks.

5. Protects Your Quality of Life

The main thing is that you should rest assured that your home which is probably one of your most valuable assets is protected and impervious to destructive pests like termites. Don’t allow a pest problem to get out of control and influence how you live. Termites might be tiny but they can cause a lot of damage to your home and quality of life.

Having regular home termite inspections done is a lot more than just a simple maintenance step for your property but the main objective is to protect your home’s inhabitants. Safeguard your family’s health and stay ahead of termite infestations with regular termite inspections this year!

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