Flying Cockroaches FAQs: Do Cockroaches Fly?


Pests are always unwelcomed guests and flying cockroaches require systematic pest control.
Already, no one likes them crawling around and spreading disease. The only thing that makes them more distasteful is the possibility of them flying around and landing on you and your stuff.

Do cockroaches fly?

Yes! The unfortunate truth is that cockroaches can fly. Adult cockroaches can fly, they have wings and can fly for short distances. Most species of cockroaches when growing as adults have wings but all are not good flyers.

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The next thing you may want to know is do all cockroaches fly! Find out the answer to this and other questions regarding flying cockroaches in this article. The information mentioned here will help you deal with flying roaches in a better way.

11 FAQs Regarding Flying Cockroaches

        1. Do All Roaches Fly?

          No. All Cockroaches can’t fly. There are close to 3000 species of cockroaches all over the world. Many of them share common anatomy, but they don’t have wings, and some have underdeveloped wings pads. For instance, madagascar hissing cockroaches, and female oriental cockroaches can’t fly. In fact, only a few species of cockroaches can fly.

        2. Do German Cockroaches Fly?

          It’s an obvious question as German cockroaches are common in states. But you can calm your heartbeat down as German cockroaches don’t fly! Though getting rid of german cockroaches is equally important.

        3. What are the Origins of Flying Cockroaches?

          Only a few cockroaches that fly originate from North America. Common types of cockroaches that fly are:-

          • Megaloblatta
          • Asian cockroach
          • Pennsylvania wood cockroach or flying wood roach
          • American flying cockroach
          • Australian cockroach
          • Cuban cockroach
        4. How Do You Identify Flying Cockroaches?

          There is no firm indication of the flying ability of a cockroach until it shows you the skills by flying. You can either spot a giant flying cockroach or a little flying cockroach.

          But flying roaches are generally attracted to light, unlike other cockroach species that run away from light. You can look for this particular trait to know that you have flying roaches in the house.

        5. Where Do Flying Cockroaches Live?

          Outdoor flying roaches are common siting because flying roaches love the outdoors. You can easily spot them in the damp or along the coast, wherever there is humidity. You may see cockroaches flying near drains and in gardens also. But some of them may prefer inside spaces.

        6. Why Do Roaches Fly Towards You?

          You may wonder, “why do the roaches with wings in my house fly towards me and not fly away!” They aren’t flying towards you. They don’t even know where they are flying. Basically, cockroaches are not good flyers (A good news for you!). When you see them flying, they are actually startled and gliding uncontrollably.

          As mentioned earlier, flying roaches are attracted towards light. So they may be flying towards you because you are standing or sitting near a light source.

        7. Are Flying Cockroaches Dangerous?

          Even a big flying cockroach can’t attack you or bite you. The same goes for all types of cockroaches. However, all cockroaches can spread diseases like E. coli and salmonella. Wherever they touch the surface, they leave the harmful bacteria there.

          And if you or someone in your family are allergic to cockroaches, you may feel discomfort because of their presence in your house.

        8. Do All Cockroaches Have Wings?

          No! Not all cockroaches have wings.

        9. How Do Flying Cockroaches Get in the House?

          Are you wondering how did flying cockroaches enter my house? You may take all the necessary precautions. But sometimes, it falls short. Flying cockroaches enter your home by both interior and exterior means. Any gap, crack in the wall, or window can serve as their doorway to your house.

          They can come from where wires enter your home. Pay special attention to the cleanliness of your home. You also need to clean your pipes regularly to avoid flying sewer roaches.

        10. Are There Flying Roaches in California?

          Big and small flying roaches are often seen in California. The most common cockroaches in California are American flying cockroaches and German cockroaches.

        11. How to Get Rid of Flying Cockroaches?

          Did you know that cockroaches existed on this planet before humans did? So they’ve got more experience of survival than all of us combined! But of course, as a human, you’ve got the gift of mindfulness through which you can outwit them. Follow these tips to get rid of flying roaches:-

          • Keep the House Clean Flying cockroaches are not only attracted to light. They are also equally attracted to a dirty environment. Look around to check the cleanliness of your house to find the answer to “why do I often find flying roaches in my house.”Keep your house tidy and clean by vacuuming it often to avoid all types of cockroaches, flying or not flying!
          • Don’t Leave Food Outside It’s common to spot a cockroach in the kitchen of your house. This is because roaches are also drawn to the smell of food and crumbs left outside. Your home is more likely to fall prey to flying cockroach infestation if you leave the food outside and don’t clean the spill immediately.
          • Repair the Cracks & Leaks Proper maintenance of your house is necessary. Flying cockroaches enter your home through leaks in pipes and cracks in walls. So seal every hole, crack or leak which can be the entry point of roaches in your house, especially the damp spaces.
          • Keep Space Free Stacks of books or clutter of toys give cover to cockroaches entering your house. So remove clutter from your room and storeroom also. Keep your home as organized as you can.
          • Place Cockroach Baits If you think your regular sprays cannot help you get rid of flying cockroaches, you can place baits all over your house, especially near their hiding place. Boric acid tablets are generally effective as baits.
          • Take Professional Services for Pest Control The ultimate and guaranteed method of ending flying cockroach infestation from your house is taking professional pest control services. They know how to eliminate all species of flying cockroaches effectively. Professional pest control is a permanent and long-term solution to eliminate flying cockroaches.

These tips and tricks are proven to keep flying roaches away from your home for at least some time. But if you want a more lasting solution, get the help of professional pest control services. Call us now!

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