How to Prevent Basement Bugs and Pests

The plots of horror movies often dictate that monsters live in basements in the dark.

Reasons why insects and bugs are attracted to the basement

In real life, the scenario is not so different; the basement is a magnet for horrors of a different kind. Creepy crawly insects love taking up residence in your basement for a variety of reasons:

  • Basements are shrouded in darkness: Basement bugs and pests thrive in the dark. The darkness is a place where pests can effectively hide from predators. Also, pests consider it a more comfortable place to lay eggs and hunt for food.
  • Basements are easily accessible: Since the basement is located underground, it’s easy to access for basement bugs like termites, millipedes, common house spiders, as well as other pests like rodents.
  • Basements are cool and humid: Basements produce more moisture than other parts of the house. They’re usually cooler and darker which makes them a breeding ground for pests and bugs.

Common Basement Bugs

Pests and bugs found in basement come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are the most common bugs found in basement which you can get rid of with residential pest control:

Name of Pest Threats They Pose
Subterranean Termite They can cause structural damage to your property.
Cockroaches Unless proper cockroach control is implemented, cockroaches can cause diseases and allergic reactions.
Basement Spiders They are more of a nuisance thanks to those long, wide, spider webs. Take necessary steps to get rid of spiders in basement.
Centipedes They feed on other small pests like spiders, flies and crickets. Smaller variants of centipedes can sting you to produce a slight stinging sensation.
Camel Crickets They can cause damage to clothing, curtains, and other fabric.
Sowbugs and Pillbugs They can cause damage to small, indoor plants.
Millipede They can be responsible for causing blisters since a few species emit foul-smelling fluid through openings along the sides of the body.
Rodents Rats can cause structural damage to your home by eating wires, cloth, and eating through the foundation of the building. They are carriers of parasites too.

How to prevent and get rid of basement bugs and insects

Here are a few helpful tips to bring an infestation of basement pests under control:

  • Clean your basement floors regularly.
  • If your basement is carpeted, it would be a good idea to deep clean the carpeted areas at a regular interval.
  • Make sure your basement is dry, free from humidity. For this, regularly check for any leakages from the pipes in your basement.
  • Make sure your basement is free from clutter.
  • Store your firewood outdoors.
  • Keep your basement free of paper and cardboard junk.

Do what you can to take care of your basement to keep a pest infestation at bay. But it’s advisable that you call a residential pest control service to make sure your home is free of basement bugs. Regular inspections are essential to make sure you’re not missing an infestation that only professionals can locate.

Take Care Termite in Tracy, California, can help you keep your basement bugs and pest problem at bay. Pick up the phone and call now to save your home from any kind of pest infestation with our services.

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