How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress


Dealing with bed bugs is no less than horror. These tiny blood-feeding bugs can infest your bed as well as all kinds of furniture with small spaces. So noticing them at one glance is almost impossible.

Due to this reason, there are other tiny unnoticeable bugs mistaken for bed bugs. You need to pay attention to what kind of bug infestation problem you are dealing with in order to get rid of them.

Due to their small structure, you might not spot them immediately, but they are burrowed up into small spaces. Bed bug hiding places generally include mattresses, box springs, bed frames, loose wallpaper, bedside tables, or anywhere with easy access to humans.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress

Although these bloodsucking bugs do not pose any potential health threats, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible because these creatures can spread quicker than you could blink your eyes. They do not have wings, but they are agile and fast-moving hitchhikers that crawl from room to room through cracks and openings in walls, floors, and ceilings.

It is necessary to stop their spread before it gets too late. Here are some ways which could get bed bugs out of your mattress.

  1. Clean Up Your Bed Covers

The first and foremost step you should take is to clean all your infested mattresses, pillowcases, pillows, and bedsheets. Re-check other items such as stuffed toys, blankets, electronics, and carpets, to gain a surety. Use rubber gloves to move these items into a trash bag for transporting it to the laundry room.

Try to grab a trash bag instead of your laundry basket to move the above items from room to room. A laundry basket gives bed bugs a chance to come back into your room or other places in your house.

  1. Vacuum Everything

Vacuum out your entire bedroom once you have your bedding in the wash. Do not forget to vacuum the small gaps in your mattress, bed, and other areas in your room. You do not want to miss out on even a tiny corner!

Avoid using the brush attachment when vacuuming, as the bed bugs can hide within the bristles. Instead, use the hose. Once done, dump out the vacuum’s content in a garbage bin outside and clean it thoroughly so that the bugs do not find their way back inside your house.

  1. Dismantle Your Bed Frame

When it comes to bed bugs, you may want to dive deeper as they can infest every minute corner of your room and furniture. Take your bed frame apart and clean every inch of it as they can hide even in a small corner.

Use a magnifying glass and a flashlight to inspect small gaps. If you have a wooden bed frame and see any cracks in them, we recommend you seal it to prevent bed bugs from making it their hiding place.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Mattress

Are you suspecting a bed bug infestation? Your suspicion might hold true. Look out for these signs to clear your doubts:

  • Musty odor around your bed
  • Red itchy bumps on any area of your body; bed bug bites differ from mosquito bites as mosquitoes only bite the exposed areas of your body
  • Bloodstains on your pillowcases or bedsheets
  • Dark spots on your mattress – indicate bed bugs excrement
  • Small, pale, and yellowish eggshells
  • Reddish stains from crushed bed bugs on your mattress or pillowcase

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Getting into Mattress

If you have experienced a bed bug infestation before, you may never want to go through the hassle. Preventing these bugs to infest your mattress again is a lot of work, but the following steps can help you out:

  1. Call Experts

Leave prevention to the experts! A professional termite and pest exterminator has the proper tools needed for the job. If you are searching for the best pest control services in Tracy, your search ends here! Call us today.

  1. Mattress Protector

As soon as you purchase a new mattress, buy a mattress protector. It covers your mattress completely and seals the opening with zippers, so you can easily remove and clean them.

  1. Avoid Secondhand Furniture and Mattress

Secondhand furniture and mattresses can bring these tiny intruders back into your home. However, if you are still persistent in buying them secondhand, thoroughly inspect the mattress and furniture before purchasing.

  1. Keep Your Room Clean

Always ensure that your room is kept clean and in a sanitary condition. Regularly dust and scrub possible hiding places of bed bugs.

When to Get Rid of Your Bed Bug Infested Mattress?

Throwing away your mattress isn’t always a financially great solution. Still, if you have a saggy, teary, and overall poorly supported mattress, the best solution to get rid of bed bugs is by throwing away the mattress and purchasing a new one.

How to Dispose of a Bed Bug Infested Mattress?

  • Rip the mattress so that no one else can reuse it.
  • Encase it in thick plastic wrap. Label the item you put out for disposal as – a BED BUG INFESTED OBJECT and contact your local waste management department that specializes in collecting bed bug infested mattresses.
  • Ensure that your mattress is encased correctly so that the bed bugs do not drop off while moving them out.
  • Be careful not to bang it on walls as it can tear away the protection and make room for bed bugs to escape.

Remember to check for bed bugs in the other rooms as well. It gets harder to chuck out bed bugs as their population increases drastically. Hence, it is important to get in touch with a reliable pest control service for accurate results before it gets too late. Contact us today and get rid of bed bugs!

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