7 Types of House Bugs with Lots of Legs


No one wants house bugs. But do you know not all of them are threats? Even bugs with lots of legs are also not bad news. More legs don’t translate to more danger. However, you would want your home to be free of billbugs, centipedes, spiders, millipedes, and other multi-legged harmful bugs.

But how do you know which bug with many legs is known by what name? Moreover, how harmful a particular multi-legged bug is?

7 Most Common House Bugs With Lots of Legs

Here is a list of the 7 most commonly found long and small bugs in your house with lots of legs. Check out how they look, including the number of legs they have. Also, know if they are a problem to worry about or not.

  1. Millipedes

Millipedes mean 1000 legs, and this bug carries those many legs effortlessly. It has got more legs than any other known bug. You will find these creepy bugs in your compost bag, under stones of your garden or backyard, flowerpots, or mulch. This is because millipedes love the dark and damp environment.

These thousand-legged bugs can march inside your house if the environment outside gets excessively wet or dry. They are not dangerous but can be a nuisance. Remove their possible food source and hiding place to get rid of millipedes in the house.

  1. House Centipedes

These are the long skinny bugs with lots of legs, 15 for each body segment, to be precise. House centipedes are venomous and can cause injury through their bite. However, they don’t bite unless you come in close proximity to them. Unlike their other counterparts, house centipedes love to live inside houses.

You can repel house centipedes by eliminating their food sources, like roaches, silverfish, spiders, etc., from your house. Also, remove their entry points in your home by fitting draft stoppers beneath ground-level doors.

  1. Pillbugs

Also known as woodlouse, these bugs with many legs move into your house if they find moist conditions and food sources. Otherwise, they are happy outside hanging out under rocks and woods. They can protect their underside by rolling and becoming like a ball.

These 14-legged creatures can’t survive for long in your house, and they are not dangerous. And if pillbugs are present in your garden, they are good for balancing the soil’s pH level and increasing its nutrition content.

  1. Tick

You wouldn’t want a tick inside or around your house. They carry diseases like rocky mountain fever and Lyme disease. These little brown bugs with lots of legs are relatives of the spiders. Their brown or reddish brown color and spider-like (much smaller in size) structure is their identification.

You can get rid of them by eliminating 2 things from your house – extra moisture and their foods which are other bugs. So steer your home clear of other insects, and tics will search elsewhere for food.

  1. Mites

Mites are small bugs with lots of legs which you can identify through their similar appearance to spiders and tics. However, sometimes they can be too small to see with a naked eye. Red clover mites and house mites are the most common types of mites in the U.S.A.

You can get hold of sprays and aerosols in the market to kill the mites. It’s also advisable to steam clean the carpet, furniture, and bedding to prevent your house from becoming the “home sweet home” for these small bugs.

  1. Silverfish

Of all bugs, silverfish find it easiest to make any home their own. One reason is that this 6 legged bug eats everything from sugar and fabric to starch and other silverfish. These bugs with long antennae may look scary, but they are harmless to you. However, they are a potential threat to your belongings because they tend to chew everything.

You can get your hands on some OTC pesticides or insecticides such as boric acid to kill silverfish. However, it’s better to take professional help for permanent results.

  1. Spiders

Here comes the most common of them all, the eight-legged arachnid spiders! This hairy bug can be found upside down or sideways in a dusty corner of almost every household. Therefore no one needs to tell you what a spider looks like. But do you know they are great at keeping other disease-spreading pests at bay?

Yes, that does not stop spiders from being the king of creepy bugs with lots of legs you want to get rid of ASAP! By minimizing areas with moisture and controlling other insects in your home, you can keep all types of house spiders as far as possible.

Whether you spot a bug with a thousand legs or 6 legs at your place, it’s annoying and creepy. Apart from experimenting with DIY tricks to get rid of insects and pests, it is always advisable to get professional help.

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