5 Reasons Your Home Needs Winter Pest Control


One of the most popular misconceptions about pests is that they leave us during the colder months. However, stubborn pests such as bed bugs are active around the year. Besides, winter season comes with its own set of pests and insects which make home pest control a challenge. Listed below are 5 reasons as to why you need pest control for your home before or during winter.

  1. Carpenter ants and termites can make wooden flooring, firewood, walls or decaying wood their nests. Look for insect channels or any other signs of their inhabitation. Chances are that you might not see any chances until substantial damage is done by these wood destroying pests.
  2. Rats and mice only require holes the size of a dime or tiny cracks to enter your home. These smart pests can gnaw on electrical wires, food containers, wooden beams etc., and wreak havoc.
  3. Spiders can also make nests and webs in particular parts of your home. Some pests are really stubborn and are hardwired to return to certain places. Hence, removing egg cases, nests and webs may help in keeping these pests away from your home. Get rid of all such reasons for them to return.
  4. Dormant insects are also a potential risk. Such pests hide in the basement or attic during late fall and early winter in order to escape the frigid temperatures. Cluster flies, spiders and some lady bugs remain dormant until spring and then find their way into your home as the temperature turns warmer in your home.
  5. Even though bed bugs are active around the year, they are comparatively less active during the winter months. During the hot summer months, they reproduce and spread rapidly. Hence, winter months are an ideal time to get rid of these stubborn pests and prevent them from spreading a full-fledged infestation. Consult professional pest control services for best ways to get rid of bed bugs.

Prevention Tips for Keeping Pests Away During Winter

  • Replace loose weather stripping and loose mortar around the windows and the basement foundation.
  • Clean up the winter clutter. Keep storage areas well organized and boxes at a height.
  • Check the areas where pipes and utilities enter the home. Seal holes and cracks around your home. A mouse for instance, can enter a hole which is the size of a dime.
  • Firewood should be stored at least 20 feet away from your home. Ants and mice can make the wood piles their nests and easily gain entry in the home if the pile is nearby.
  • Look for moisture sites such as clogged drains or leaking pipes. Kitchen and bathrooms are highly vulnerable areas to pests like cockroaches.
  • Chimney vents should also be screened thoroughly. Spaces such as basements and attics should be kept dry and well ventilated.
  • Repair damaged window screens and install door sweeps.

Even during the preparations for the festive season, you should be careful as the chances of pests entering your home through Christmas tree, firewood and decorative items are high. Ask home pest control experts or look online for tips on preventing pests during festive preparations. Professional pest control services are one of your best bet if you suspect a pest infestation in your home. They provide an integrated pest management approach to ensure that your home remains pest free in all seasons.

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