How to Effectively Expel These 6 Common Home Pests

How to Effectively Expel These 6 Common Home Pests

The most unwanted guests in any home are pests such as cockroaches, flies, ants, rodents, bed bugs, wasps etc. These are some of the most commonly occurring home pests. Most of them are carriers of serious diseases and also cause damage to your property.

The table below describes 6 such common home pests and also the best possible pest management approaches to handle them.

1. Ants


  • Ants can be difficult to control as they often come out in huge numbers. Their nests can exist almost anywhere in and around your house.
  • Their bites only cause a bit of irritation. However, if you are allergic to their bite, it is advisable that you take measures to control them as soon as you sense an infestation. They don’t carry any diseases as such.
  • The key to ant control is to keep your house and its surroundings spick and span, so that the ants don’t find any food in the open.
2. Cockroaches

  • They are smelly, breed rapidly and are carriers of microbes which may cause dysentery, typhoid and salmonella.
  • If the nature of infestation is localized, you can easily get rid of them by using any of the regular pest control products for cockroaches.
  • Although, given their ability of multiplying rapidly, hiring professional pest management services will help you get rid of them effectively and for longer duration.
3. Wasps

  • Some species of wasps are useful to the human population as they help in pollination and pest control.
  • However, some species are really aggressive and are capable of stinging multiple times. So if you are allergic to their stings, watch out for their nests in and around your building.
  • Their nests are mostly vacant in winter, so you can knock the small ones down yourself during this period. You can also spray the nest with insect control products available in the market. But, if you find bigger nests in huge numbers it is best to contact trained pest management professionals to get rid of these pests.
4. Bed Bugs

  • These bugs can generally be found in bed frames, mattresses and box springs, cracks and crevices of secondhand furniture and other such places.
  • In most cases, over-the-counter pest control products available in market for bed bugs either work temporarily or have no effect at all on these persistent bugs.
  • To eliminate them you need to get rid of every kind of clutter, launder and vacuum clean regularly so that they have no places to hide and breed. In case of a serious infestation, it is best to seek the help of pest control professionals.
5. Spiders

  • A variety of spiders are identified as home pests such as the cellar spider, common house spider, the wolf spider etc. Some prefer damp places while some like dry and warm areas such as upper corners of attics and rooms. Most of them are harmless.
  • Some people may be allergic to their bites and may suffer from symptoms such as chest pain and stiffness in the limb on which they are bitten.
  • An effective way is to frequently vacuum clean your house. However, the spider population can often spread rapidly. So if you notice a bigger infestation, hire pest control experts who offer comprehensive and integrated pest management services and are trained to handle such pest invasions.
6. Rodents

  • Rats, mice and gophers are some of the most common house pests. They contaminate food, carry and transmit numerous diseases and chew through wood and cables which may lead to fire. They are also known to be rapid breeders. Hence, rodent control is one of the biggest problems faced by home owners when it comes to home pest control.
  •  All kinds of food including dry cereals and grains should be stored safely in metal or glass containers. Garbage such as discarded cardboard makes for their favorite spots, so such sources should be eliminated.
  • These pests are incredibly instinctive. Hence, DIY treatments like mouse traps and poison baits rarely work for rodent control. Professional pest management experts who offer integrated pest management services can help you exterminate rodent infestation much more effectively with long-term results as compared to DIY methods.

One of the best pest control tips for protecting your home and its surroundings from home pests is to get rid of any kind of clutter or garbage. Special cleaning precautions should be taken in damp and dark spaces.

If you want a systematic and long-term solution to these and any other types of home pests, contact us today. We offer a wide range of pest control services in California. Our team of experts provides an integrated pest management approach which comprises inspection, treatment and a year round remediation. We are known for our expertise, trained professionals and use of latest technology. So call us today to make your home pest-free!

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