Where do German Cockroaches come from and How to Get Rid of Them


German cockroaches spell trouble with a capital ‘T’ in restaurants and commercial kitchens. These tricky pests can get into commercial kitchens even if you are doing your best to keep your kitchen clean and free of a mess.

German roaches love tiny, dark places, so they aren’t easy to spot and only wander upto 12 feet from their nests for a food source. They thrive in hidden areas where food might be found like, behind the refrigerator, cabinets, stoves, and furniture. It is behind these spots that they grow in numbers. Eventually, their populations grow large, and this is when German cockroach infestation comes to your notice.

Where do German Cockroaches come from:

  1. German Roaches Can Invade Your Restaurant Through Incoming GoodsGerman roaches treat distribution warehouses and pickup trucks as their favorite vacation spot since these places are dark and moist. German cockroaches can get into a pickup truck and infest the incoming goods in a commercial kitchen. You need to inspect all incoming deliveries carefully.
  2. Through Outside PersonnelThe staff in your commercial kitchen might try and keep things as tidy as possible, but when outside personnel come into your restaurant to offer services like plumbing and making repairs, they might be unwittingly picking up and transporting german roaches to your place of business. You could deal with this problem by regularly inspecting the equipment of the people you hire to ensure you won’t have a full-blown cockroach infestation in your commercial kitchen in the future.
  3. Through the Personal Possessions of the StaffThough your staff might be doing their level best to keep your commercial kitchen clean, they might be transporting german cockroaches from their homes, gyms or second jobs that they have. You can provide your staff with personal lockers so that they keep their personal items far away from the kitchen and food preparation areas.

How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches

Now that you know how german roaches may crawl their way into your commercial kitchen, here are a few tips to get rid of cockroaches:

•  Develop and follow a strict sanitation schedule.
•  Educate your employees on your sanitation schedule and train them to report cockroach sightings.
•  Make sure hidden crevices are cleaned regularly.
•  Make sure there is no food buildup in the restaurant.
•  Use a reputable pest control company.

One of the main preventive measures to take against german roaches is sanitation. It’s easy to clean all the visible surfaces in commercial kitchens but make sure you clean the unreachable nooks and crannies as well. This is the best way to prevent a cockroach infestation in your commercial kitchen.

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