8 Signs You Need a Year Round Pest Control Service


Why do you need year-round pest control?

Most if not all people tend to use pest control but only when it is required which is usually more harmful in the long term. The unfortunate truth is that pests tend to keep on entering your homes throughout the year usually remain hidden.

By the time that you start to see pests in your home, they would have already infiltrated your home without being checked at all. This is one of the main reasons that you should have residential pest control services on call to prevent pests from getting to a point of no return in your home.

Here are 8 Warning Signs You Need Pest Control Immediately:


  • Changes in Temperature and Season

If you are not in favor of having a year-round pest control then you should be able to identify signs of pest activity. The biggest and most common pests will usually start reacting and causing problems that are visible to you, either due to a seasonal change or a temperature change.

  • Pest Droppings and Urine

If you find that your home is constantly littered with rodent droppings and wet urine spots then the chances are that you may already have rats or mice. Other types of droppings look like tiny piles of ground pepper and can pose health risks as they carry harmful.

  • Property Damage

Have you noticed bite marks or if some of your furniture has been gnawed through? Are there pencil thin tunnels in your walls? Have you come across any chewed up wiring in your home? These can be a cause of electrical fires. Carpenter ants and termites can damage the entire structure of your home and compromise its safety.

  • Weird Noises and Sounds

If you happen to hear weird rustling and scratching sounds at night or sometimes even during the daytime, then the chances are that pests have infiltrated your homes rather than ghosts as horror films would lead you to believe. Most pests are nocturnal and tend to only come out of hiding once they feel that you’ve gone to bed which is usually the time that you start to hear these weird noises which are an indicator that you have a rodent problem. You may hear squeaking, scurrying and scratching sounds.

  • Shelter Tubes and Termite Wastes

Have you noticed any fan-like patterns across your walls and foundations? If yes then your home is in dire need of a termite inspection as these are actually termite tubes. Termite tubes help termites maintain a dark and humid atmosphere to store food. Termites usually build these tubes at night and the larger these tubes, the higher the damage to your homes. These tubes are usually different shades of brown, and are similar to clay in substance and appearance.

Termite droppings are also known as frass are a clear sign that you have a termite problem on your hands.

  • Pests Sighting

If you can see that the place is crawling with pests then this is a big problem. You can further inspect for ants and termites along the foundation and baseboards, check the dark places in your home, particularly the kitchen or dustbin areas. If you happen to see any household pests like termites, cockroaches, rats and occasional bed bugs then there are probably a lot more nearby. The truth is that you are a lot more likely to see pests that have been forced out of their colonies.

  • Shredded Paper or Gnawed Wood

All pests and rodents like to build nests so make sure that you check all the corners and ideal nesting places in your homes. Gnawed pieces of wood, piles of shredded paper and dry grass are all evidence of rodents on your property such as squirrel’s, rats and mice.

  • You Always Remain Sick and Get Allergies

Do you or your family members regularly suffer from flu-like symptoms and allergies? But it may not be the flu at all in certain cases and can be the harmful bacteria that pests carry. All this bacteria is known to produce flu-like symptoms.

Cockroaches, in particular, have been known to trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions due to the bacterial and viral pathogens that they carry. Having a runny nose, wheezing coughing, itchy eyes and sneezing are all common allergy symptoms caused by pests. Pests can also cause asthma symptoms such as tightness in the chest and bad cases of “air hunger”.

If you see any of these 8 signs then it is important that you call your pest control service professionals to come and inspect your home and ensure that you and your family remain safe all year round. Keep your home safe by scheduling regular annual pest control inspections with Take Care Termite and Pest Control, your nearest residential pest control services Tracy, CA!

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  • Anna Davis Reply

    It didn’t occur to me that chewed wires could be a fire hazard. When I was vacuuming the living room earlier today, I noticed some wiring behind the couch that looks damaged. It may be a good idea to have this situation evaluated by a professional before it gets worse.

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