How to Have Pest-Free Celebrations This Festive Season

The excitement of upcoming holiday season is high everywhere and people are gearing up for the celebrations. Decorations, food, guest invitations – there is a lot on your to-do list. But did you know that certain unwanted guests are also waiting to make their way in to your home and spoil your celebrations? These are pests such as bed bugs, rodents and roaches which are looking for food, shelter and water. Your home has plenty of spots which are perfect thriving grounds for these pests.

To make sure that you have pest-free celebrations this festive season, follow the 5 effective tips mentioned below for pest control:

  • Cardboard boxes full of festive trinkets, candles, ornaments, lights are one of the favorite places of pests such as house spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, rodents etc. Since these boxes are often stored in attics, basements and garage it becomes easy for pests to make them their nests. Make it a point to unpack these boxes away from your living spaces. Inspect such boxes for any signs of pests. Look for eggs, egg shells, droppings or gnaw marks. Ensure that the wiring of the string of lights is not chewed or damaged by pests.
  • Christmas trees, firewood and wreaths are also one of the most common ways in which pests are introduced into homes. Termites, spiders, ticks and ants are generally found in the crevices of wood and deep in the branches of trees. Insects may even lay eggs in garland or trees. If such infested objects are brought indoors, these pests and their eggs may create a major pest infestation in your home. To avoid this, make sure you properly inspect such items before bringing them in the home. Look for channels of insects. Thoroughly shake the garlands and trees outdoors.
  • If you have guests coming over and are worried about pests entering your home via their luggage or gifts, consider taking some precautions. Request them to change into clean clothes after arrival. Launder all their clothing items. Keep their bags and suitcases in large plastic bags which can be tied shut. If possible place their shoes in a dryer or wipe them with a damp cloth and hot water. Use a mattress encasement on the guest bed to prevent bed bugs. If the guests are bringing gifts including clothing or textiles, you may want to launder them. If gifts comprise plastic or wood items, wipe them down with a hot and damp cloth. Throw away all the wrapping and boxes in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Food storage is also an important aspect to consider. Discard all the plastic bags and budget storage containers as they are favorite hideouts of common household pests such as roaches, bugs, moths etc. Opt for airtight glass containers or mason jars. Prefer storage containers which come with a silicon or rubber seal on the lid which are virtually impenetrable for pests.
  • Also, holiday cooking can get really messy. It requires a deep cleaning session to ensure that you leave no opportunities for the pests to enter or thrive. Do a clean up after cooking and before going to bed. Ensure that the dirty dishes are cleaned up and put in the dishwasher. No food crumbs or dirt should be left on the floor after cooking. Change the kitchen’s trash can frequently to prevent attracting pests.

These effective tips are sure to help you celebrate a pest-free Christmas. One of the most important preventive measures you can take is to clean up properly at the end of each season. Store the decorative items in hard plastic bins which are sealed tightly instead of cardboard boxes or bags which are more prone to damage by pests. Do not discard or pile used firewood or trees near your home as this can attract termites, mice or any other pests. The last thing you want to deal with is a pest infestation while preparing for Christmas celebrations. You can also consult professional pest control services for safe and effective residential pest control measures.

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