Everything You Need to Know About a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection


Finding your dream home is an exciting time. And it may be the largest financial commitment of your lifetime. Therefore, it is important that you purchase a quality property with no hidden surprises.

Many homes have significant hidden faults that lead to unplanned repair costs for unwary buyers. If you buy a property with serious faults, it could cost you thousands to fix. Not to forget, the added time and stress involved in organizing repairs. These unexpected costs are added to your mortgage, which may dramatically increase your repayments. So, spare yourself the heartache and hidden costs by having a pest inspection scheduled before you purchase a property.

You probably have a lot of questions you might want answers to and here we help you with all the information you need before you get your first pest inspection.

Why do you need a pre-purchase pest inspection?

A pre-purchase pest inspection will give you peace of mind, reduce risks and could save you thousands! With a professionally prepared report, you will immediately know if there are any serious building faults.

Importance and benefits of a pre-purchase pest inspection?

This report is extremely valuable when you are negotiating your property price, making a property bid or applying for finance. But most importantly, it will give you the confidence to proceed with the purchase of your new home.

Your property inspection report will cover the entire property. This includes all buildings, fixtures, fittings and finishes, the roof exterior, under-floor space, small retaining walls, and surface water drainage.

A professional inspection company will provide you with an easy to understand report containing the detection of the building inspection, identification of major defects, minor defects and maintenance items. It should also include an analysis of the probable cause and advice on how best to fix these issues and in some cases might give you an indication of expected costs to rectify the faults.

Do I need both a building and pest inspection?

A lot of companies provide both building and pest inspections. A lot of building and pest inspectors survey the same areas of a property. It saves time and is often a cheaper solution for most buyers.

How should you choose your building and pest inspectors?

  1. Don’t stick to real estate recommendations
    Real estate agents often have tie-ups with building and pest control companies they are associated with. Some real estate agents prefer pest inspectors who do not give a detailed idea about their inspections. The more inspectors reveal the property’s condition, the higher the chance the property price will depreciate. So make sure you do detailed research on pest inspection companies that give you an actual analysis of your desired home.
  2. Check qualifications, licenses, and insurance
    Ensure the inspector who carries out your inspection is qualified. It is necessary for pest inspectors to have a license to carry out inspections in an addition to their general pest license. Make sure they also carry public liability insurance and professional indemnity for the designated inspection work.

How long should a pest inspection take?

An inspection of every room and an examination of high-risk areas like the sub-floor and roof void, as well as a survey of the land surrounding the building, is an altogether time-consuming process. Determining the amount of time taken for every inspection depends on a number of factors. This includes the size of the building, the property type, the number of buildings, and the number of buildings. And thus, each inspection may take up to 2 hours.

What’s involved in a timber pest inspection?

All wise consumers will require a timber pest inspection report to help them determine the structural soundness of their desired home. This report will include a summary of whether the property is in a good condition or has been critically damaged by a pest attack.

Here’s a list of inspected areas:

  • Condition of material
  • Material of construction
  • Timber pest activity

What’s does a pest inspection report include?

This inspection will be a detailed report of inspected areas that includes information about previous or current pest activity, construction faults that result in pest problems, areas of damage and other environmental issues. It also includes recommendations for future inspections and suggested treatments.

Owning a home can be a boon or a curse since it depends on how much you take care of it. Make sure you look for a professional pest and termite inspection in Tracy who will help create a safe and clean environment for you and your family.



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