Earwigs All Over Your House! Guide To Eliminate Earwigs

Remove Any Sources Of Moisture

Earwigs are attracted to moisture, so it is important to remove any sources of moisture from your home  like leaky faucets, standing water, and humid areas.

Seal Up Any Cracks Or Crevices Around Your Home

Earwigs can enter your home through small openings, such as cracks in foundation, windows and doors. Seal up these openings to prevent earwigs.

Remove Hiding Places

Earwigs like to hide in dark, damp places. Remove any clutter, piles of leaves or debris, and excess moisture around your home to reduce their hiding places.

Clean Up Any Food Spills Or Crumbs.

Earwigs are also attracted to food, so it is important to clean up any food spills or crumbs immediately to discourage earwigs from coming into your home.

Use Traps Or Repellents

Use traps like rolled-up newspaper, flower pots, or specially made ones, or repellents such as diatomaceous earth, boric acid, or essential oils to deter earwigs in your home.

Hire A Professional Exterminator

If the infestation is severe, consider hiring a professional exterminator. They will assess the situation and provide a more effective solution to remove earwigs.

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