Keeping Your Warehouse a Bird Free Zone


Are you struggling to keep your warehouse a bird free zone?

Your warehouses are very attractive to pest birds in the spring due to their big doors and high rafters which provide safety, shelter, warmth and nesting space to them. A lot of people tend to clean out their warehouses with high-pressure cleaners whose efforts are mostly in vain as the birds always return soon after.

Bird pests such as pigeons, gulls and crows can wreak havoc on your warehouse and cause costly problems for your managers. Your crew can also be distracted from their daily work by birds. Bird nests and feathers are the perfect tinder for starting a fire due to electric currents igniting flames as the birds like nesting near the warm lights. Bird droppings cause corrosion on your machinery if left unattended due to their high level of acidity. These dropping can also obscure labels as well as contaminate food products which have been known to carry up to 60 diseases.

Here are 5 Bird Problems Your Warehouse Staff are Facing:

  1. Increased Slip and Fall Risks

    Bird droppings can be slippery and may cause potential hazards for your employees and customers.

  2. Health Code Violations

    In certain industries, infectious bird droppings can breach health codes, attract fines, lawsuits and legal courses of action.

  3. Property, Product and Equipment Damage

    Bird droppings are highly acidic and can corrode metals. Birds can also cause damage your warehouse through pecking and can remove or all loosen up the wiring.

  4. Loss of Productivity

    If your production has to be slowed down, delayed or stopped due to bird influence, then you are losing money. Employees should not work in areas that may be unsafe due to a build-up of bird droppings which can lead to shutdowns.

  5. Distraction

    Birds swooping and making noise can be distracting and annoying to both your employees and visitors as well as affecting work.

Bird Control is Not Easy without Professional Help

Attempting bird control on your own is usually frustrating as well as time-consuming for your warehouse management. This is due to the fact that bird control is not as easy as simply chasing them away as they keep on returning.

Here are 5 Factors that Affect How You can Tackle Bird Control:

    1. Identifying the bird species that reside in your warehouse
    2. Whether the bird species that inhabit your warehouse are invasive, protected or fall in to the endangered categories
    3. Evaluation of your warehouse
    4. Professional bird behavior analysis
    5. Federal, state and local laws that have to be followed regarding certain species

For effective bird control, it’s best to employ professional bird control services who are licensed and experienced in keeping birds away as they turn out to be a lot less expensive and more effective in the long term.

5 Bird Control Solutions

  1. Spikes

    Spikes are an effective and humane deterrent for large birds as they don’t harm the birds as well as keeping them away. They are ideal for use on roof peaks, parapet walls, I-beams, signs, conduits, curved or flat surfaces and only need to be applied with glue.

  2. Electric Bird Deterrents

    Electric bird deterrents carry a high voltage, low amperage charge which gives birds a small shock when they touch it. This simply startles the birds off their perches and does not harm them in any way. It is almost invisible and has a low profile which is designed for ledges. These are best suited for open spaces, ledges and buildings.

  3. Wire Barriers

    Wires are pretty good at keeping birds out of your warehouse in smaller areas such as ledges, windowsills, pipe work, guttering and parapet walls. Wires are best suited for both daytime perching spots as well as night-time roosting spots.

  4. Mechanical Traps

    Mechanical live traps can be used prevent endangering or killing non target birds which can be released without harm. Pest birds that you catch in your traps should be humanely exterminated rather than released as birds have strong homing instincts. Check with local authorities before starting any trapping initiatives though.

  5. Netting

    Bird netting is very versatile and can be made to pretty much any size that you need to cover your area as well being eco-friendly.

    If you want a systematic and long-term bird control solution, contact us today. We offer a wide range of bird control services in California. Call us at Take Care Termite today to make your warehouse a bird free zone!

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