How to Protect Your Hotel Business from Bed Bugs

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Hoteliers have a lot to handle when it comes to accommodating guests and with frequent travelers and bed turnovers, unwanted bed bugs can easily sneak in. These precautionary measures can help hotel owners avoid serious financial ramifications and mitigate reputation risks.

  • Train the Housekeeping Staff on How to Find Bed Bugs


    Your housekeeping staff is most likely to encounter the very first signs of an infestation. These early warning signs include the appearance of bed bugs at different life stages, blood spots, and their fecal material. The earlier your staff spots an infestation, the easier it is to find and get rid of bed bugs.

  • Educate the Front Desk Staff on How to Address Guest Concerns


    The hotel front desk is the first to receive a bed bug complaint and so it is very important that the front desk staff is fully-equipped to handle the situation in a prompt and professional manner. The hotel must have a policy in place to deal with the issue of bed bugs. This can include the allotment of a different room in a section that is secluded from the room originally allotted. Concerns regarding their belongings and travel bags must be addressed immediately along with any other worries that the guests may have.

  • Use Pit Fall Traps for Early Detection of a Bed Bug Infestation


    There are several effective traps that can be used for finding bed bugs in California hotels. The most common ones are the pit fall type. This trap is designed to attract bed bugs but once they enter the trap, the bed bugs are unable to climb the smooth walls and escape. These traps can also be used as a proactive approach to verify the presence of bed bugs in hotel rooms. Hotel owners can also used trained canines who know how to find bed bugs.

  • Schedule Routine Inspections


    The hotel furniture, bedding and walls must be routinely inspected to detect an underlying infestation before it spreads. Bed bugs can breed in the cracks and crevice of walls and headboards; hide in the folds of the curtains or sneak into the seams of couches and chairs. The hotel staff must also inspect all electrical appliances, carpets, crown moldings, loose wallpapers, wall hangings, and the mattress seams to facilitate immediate action in case an infestation is identified.

  • Use Encasements for Mattresses


    Hoteliers can use mattress covers that are specially designed to encase bed bugs so even if your staff does not know how to find and get rid of bed bugs, these encasements will greatly reduce the potential of an infestation going unidentified.

  • Hire Professional Bed Bug Exterminators


    Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to control and their presence can practically make or break the possibility of your guests returning to your hotel. Hotels that do not want to risk their revenue and reputation must hire a professional pest management service that is fully-equipped to spot the early signs of an infestation and treat it using special resources. Their professional bed bug treatments may include multiple approaches including insecticide applications, vacuuming, or steam cleaning to eliminate the existing infestation and mitigate the risk of a future infestation.

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