6 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Termite-Free

The spring season in California is a wonderful time! It brings along beautiful weather, blooming flowers and longer days which means more family time outdoors. However, for homeowners, this warm and inviting weather also increases the possibility of termite infestations that can invite costly damage repairs. If you still haven’t checked anything off your spring cleaning checklist, now is the right time to get going.

Here are 6 tips that can be teamed up with your spring cleaning efforts for an organized home that is free from termite infestations:

1. Store Wood Piles Away

Whether you have wooden piles lying out in your shed or you’ve just installed a stunning wooden trellis to enhance your outdoors, you are unknowingly inviting a termite infestation. Woodpiles attract termites so the National Pest Management Association recommends that homeowners should keep firewood, sawdust and wood piles at least 20 feet away from the home. Using treated lumber for renovations and remodeling will also help prevent infestations and protect your home from termite damage.

2. Use Rubber Mulch to Deter Termites

Rubber mulch is highly effective for deterring termites so instead of using regular mulch that attracts termites, you can buy rubber mulch available at home improvement stores and reduce the chances of an infestation. And it is a great way to use recycled tires!

3. Trim Down the Trees and Bushes Surrounding your Home

Termites love munching on the tree stumps and bushes in your backyard and therefore one of the first things that you should do in the spring season is trim all the excess trees and bushes and clear all the leaf litter, fallen branches, stumps, foliage and dead plant material in and around your property. Mow your lawn and maintain the trees and plants to keep termite colonies away from your home.

4. Fix all Leaky Pipes and Drains

Any source of water is an entryway for termites whether it is an indoor sink leak or an outdoor source like a clogged gutter. Also, you need to make sure that any runoff water from your backyard is diverted and rainwater does not find its way to your interiors.

5. Keep Your Indoors Moisture-free

Moist areas are much more likely to attract termites and when wood combines with moisture, it becomes a termite magnet. From attics and basements to air-conditioning units and kitchen areas, every humid source and structure of your home is susceptible to termite infestations. To avoid this scenario, make sure you install a dehumidifier and keep your indoors well ventilated at all times.

6. Seal all the Cracks and Crevices

From foundation and flooring to walls and ceiling, any crack or crevice in your home makes it easy for migrating termites to move in. Seal all the entry points with plastic sheeting to keep termite infestations out.

These precautionary measures will help you safeguard your home from termite damage but if you are looking for a sure-fire solution to keep expensive repairs and restorations away, the most effective way is to hire professional pest control services. Take Care Termite and Pest Control offers comprehensive and cost-effective termite control and repair services that include inspection, termite removal, and prevention.


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  • Michaela Hemsley Reply

    My roommate and I think that our house might have termites because we’ve noticed some wood damage by the windows in our basement. Thanks for mentioning that it’s smart to store wood piles at least 20 feet away from your house. We have one right next to our house right now, so we’ll have to move that and then call a pest control service to help us get rid of the termites we already have.

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